The Cubs Quest For A Power Lefty Bat

Welcome to Chicago, Joey Gathright, proud owner of a lifetime 632 OPS and one career homerun in over 1250 MLB PA's.

PS: The Jake Peavy deal supposidely died because it would eat up too many resources (largely payroll) necessary to acquire a quality player. Is this what he was talking about? Gathright was described by GM Jim Hendry as "the kind of guy we're looking for" when asked what his plans for the 2009 cubs team looked like.


Let's put the fact that the Cubs already have one speedy outfielder who can't hit or walk (Pie) aside. What is Hendry's 2009 plan? Undo the team's league leading .355 OBP and 8% above average VORP that led to the league's highest run differential with Grindy Hotdoggers? The Cubs said they wanted a shortstop; maybe they can sign David Eckstein. Hell, maybe the management can even resign Neifi Perez and Corey Patterson and then convince Shawn Dunston to come out of retirement. While we're at it, I miss Juan Pierre and Jacque Jones.

2009, here we come!