Who Cares If You Do Coke?

Matt Jones was arrested for cocaine possession. He was arrested in July. He was convicted. His punishment?

A 3 game suspension five months after his arrest.

Let's compare this to other punishments:

-Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the thigh and owning an illegal fireman: 4 game suspension

-Albert Haynesworth: stomping on Cowboys' Center Andre Gurode's face: 5 game suspension

-6 players took a banned diuretic that they actively researched to see if it contained banned substances and even after talking to the company and thought that it was clean yet it DID have a banned substance therefore they had a banned substance in their system: 4 game suspension (possible playoff suspension)

-Exclaiming that you're upset that your colleagues that they are going out with you're "sloppy seconds": 6 game suspension (NHL)

Clearly doing cocaine is OK and not as bad as owning a gun or doing a substance legalized by U.S law you didn't realize you were taking.

Speaking of stupid suspension: Sean Avery made the "sloppy seconds" comment above and got a 6 game suspension. He got a 5 game suspension for elbowing a guy into unconsciousness and a 2 game suspension for elbowing another guy and forcing him out for 12 weeks. Making snide comments is CLEARLY worse than seriously injuring players so I can actually understand this suspension.