The Real Pro Bowl Selections (NFC) (revised)

This is now revised for final season numbers


-*Kurt Warner (ARI): 96.9 QB rating, 7.66 YPA, 30 TD, 14 INT, 68.4 completion percentage

-Drew Brees (NOS): 96.2 QB rating, 7.98 YPA, 34 TD, 17 INT, 64.7 completion percentage

-Aaron Rodgers (GNB): 93.8 QB rating, 7.53 YPA, 28 TD, 13 INT, 63.6 completion percentage

My apologies to: Matt Ryan (ATL), Tony Romo (DAL). Fuck you Eli Manning (NYG)

Running backs

-* D'Angelo Williams (CAR): 5.5 YPC, 18 TDs

-Brandon Jacobs (NYG): 5.0 YPC, 15 TDs

-Adrian Peterson (MIN): 4.8 YPC, 10 TDs

My sincerest apology to: Michael Turner (ATL)

Wide Receivers:

-*Larry Fitzgerald (ARI): 89.4 YPG, 12 TDs

-*Steve Smith (CAR): 101.5 YPG, 6 TDs

-Anquan Boldin (ARI): 86.5 YPG, 11 TDs

-Calvin Johnson (DET): 83.2 YPG, 12 TDs

-My sincerest apologies to: Roddy White (ATL). Other apologies to: Greg Jennings (GNB)

Tight Ends:

-*Jason Witten (DAL): 59.5 YPG, 4 TDs

-Chris Cooley (WAS): 53.1 YPG, 1 TD


-*Shaun O'Hara (NYG): 1st in NFC in Run Blocking, 3rd in NFC in Pass Blocking

-Jonathan Goodwin (NOS): 3rd in NFC in Run Blocking, 1st in NFC is Pass Blocking

Punt Returner:

-*Clifton Smith (TAM), 14.1 AVG, 1 TD

Kick Returner:

-*Danieal Manning (CHI): 29.7 AVG, 1 TD


-*John Hanson (CAR): 95.5 FG%, 26 attempts, 8/8 50+ yards


-*Brad Maynard (CHI): 96 punts, 41.7% inside 20, 38.1 NET

Defense Ends:

-*Julius Peppers (CAR): 14.5 sacks, 5 FF, 51 tackles

-*John Abraham (ATL): 16.5 sacks 4 FF, 38 tackles

-Jared Allen (MIN): 14.5 sacks, 3 FF, 54 tackles

-Justin Tuck (NYG): 12.0 sacks, 3 FF, 67 tackles

My apologies to: Aaron Kampman (GNB)


-Not enough information to make accurate, informed decision


-*DeMarcus Ware (DAL): 20.0 sacks, 84 tackles, 6 FF, 0 INT

-*Lance Briggs (CHI): 0.5 sacks, 110 tackles, 1 FF, 3 INT

-*Mathias Kiwanuka (NYG): 8.0 sacks, 51 tackles, 2 FF, 0 INT

-Jon Beason (CAR): 0.0 sacks, 138 tackles, 0 FF, 3 INT

-Patrick Willis (SFO): 1.0 sacks, 141 tackles, 1 FF, 1 INT

-London Fletcher (WAS): 0.5 sacks, 133 tackles, 1 FF, 0 INT

My apologies to: Jonathan Vilma (NOS), Barrett Rudd (TAM)


-* Nick Collins (GNB): 72 tackles, 2 FF, 7 INT, 3 TDs

-*Oshiomogho Atogwe (STL): 85 tackles, 5 FF, 5 INTs, 2 TDs

- Michael Lewis (SFO): 96 tackles, 1 FF, 3 INT

-Erik Coleman (ATL): 95 tackles, 2 FF, 3 INT

Defense Tackle:

-*Kevin Williams (MIN)

-*Pat Williams (MIN): Minnesota, 1st in NFC in run blocking, 2nd in NFC in pass blocking

I have no real way to judge other individual defense tackles

No way to judge accurately: offensive guards, offensive tackles, special teamer, fullback

* denotes starter


The 'Bright' One said...

how can you have 2 rams players on you're defense. i know they may have had some good stats, but seriously they were down by 30 at half time every game.

i would put aaron rodgers over brees. he and the saints are so overrated. they have a great game one out of three and suck it up the other 2

also, daniel manning? he's had like 10 returns, although no one else in the NFC stands out

where did you find those offensive line stats?

oh, and thank god heroes is killing off characters. except kristen bell, she should have stayed

Sexy Rexy said...

1) Offensive line stats come from They actually have stats for like left guards and stuff but because an O-Line rotates so much I don't quite trust it for individual players

2)Rams are surprisingly decent at safety. Otogwe or whatever is legit a great player. But, yes, I get you can make the case for Milloy not to be here. That's the thing about safeties, there's no real SOLID stats for safeties

3) Stats Drew Brees is better than Aaron Rodgers in: QB rating, YPA, TD, completion percentage, yards, TD%, sacks, Football Outsider stats like DVOA and DYAR

4) Daniael Manning has had significant attempts but of you want we can say it's Allen Rossum (SFO) who is second to Manning in AVG but has 14 more returns. But in the pro bowl there's only one spot for returns and it legit should go to Clifton Smith.

4) Kristen Bell was kid of becoming a bitch and annoying but it is a good thing characters are dying. Although, why did Slyar cut her head off, he has her powers? I kinda like Suresh now.

The 'Bright' One said...

I get that brees has better stats, but i have seen him play and am not nearly as impressed as with matt ryan. who cares if you throw for 400 yards if the team only scores 10 points. he has done that so many times the past few year. but i guess thats why we love sports.

Sexy Rexy said...

Brees is 2nd in DVOA and 1st in DYAR (go to and double check on these stats) the fact remains you can quantify how well a player performs on the field and brees is, for the most part, amazing. I agree it's a fault his team doesn't score but right now, with this logic, you're treading on this ice between comparing a player to his team. PLUS, look at Aaron Rodgers. Look how well he's scored in the past five games when his team could have been in the playoffs. You're right, it is a HUGE flaw that he messes up towards the end of drives. But he's also the one that have got the Saints on these drives over and over again. Plus, it's this flaw that makes him only the 3rd stringer to Romo and Warner.

BTW, N.O. leads the league in average points per game so I dont know where you're getting that the Saints only score ten points a game. And if for some reason that they have done that, lets say TWICE, in two games then they put like 40-50 pts in another 2 games.

Drew Brees also leads the league in passing TDs

Bright One, I know what you mean when you say Brees doesn't finish drives, but in the scheme of things, i think you're only using selective memory and you think of all the times Brees fucked up a drive (which he has done quite a few times) and not really remembered all the times we DID finish drives and win games

Plus, N.O. has a shitty defense. 25th in points allowed per game.

Sexy Rexy said...

also, consider this. How good to you honestly think Marques Colston and Lance Moore would really be without Brees? Brees makes his receivers better.

The 'Bright' One said...

I don't really remember him fucking up all that many drives, cause i havent seen that many NO games, but when i see that they went 7-9 last year and will probably be 8-8 this year i get suspicious. They put up like 500 yards every game, and 400 passing, yet dont score as much as you would expect.

Obviously, they've never really had a good defense and that accounts for a lot, but i see other teams in similar situations play better. I think brees is a top 5 QB in the league but his numbers are inflated

Sexy Rexy said...

how are Drew Brees' numbers inflated?

My assumption is beacuse you think he throws a lot? Because N.O. has no run game and a shitty defense so he's supposed to throw a lot (even though he's 3rd in the league in attempts, not first)

Brees is not at fault for his teams record and his team scores a lot so i still dont know where youre getting these stats?

The 'Bright' One said...

a similar situation is jay cutler. he puts up huge offensive stats, kinda like brees, but his team still gets creamed like every game. i know his defense sucks, but putting up huge yards isnt the be all of a good QB. cutler has not been top 10 good this year. i dont care that he made the pro bowl.

and how is deangelo williams not in the pro bowl? he has 20 TD's

Sexy Rexy said...

yeah DeAngelo Williams is fucking awesome. In fact, I think he's the MVP. Pro Bowl voting is gay.

If you look at my AFC selection, you will see that I left Jay Cutler off my list (I choose Rivers, Pennington, and Manning). Drew Brees deserves a pro bowl and it's not just because of yards and total yards (like Cutler has). Brees has yards, yes, but also TDs, YPA, DVOA, DYAR, and passer rating.