We're Inviting Football QB's To Our New Years Party

-Want underage hot girls at your party, just invite Matt Leinart!
-Want to get arrested at your party, just invite Matt Leinart!
-Want "that dude" at your party groping the girl you're hitting on, spilling and drinking all your booze, and throwing up on your bed? Just call Kyle Orton.
-Clearly, the more of a sloppy drunk you are, the better football player you are. Someone hand me a Steel Reserve, a fifth of jack, and case of Keystone quick! Geez, I don't even wanna see Tom Brady in his social life! Wait he's sticking it to Gisele Bundchen, maybe I do wanna see him in his personal life....

Stupid blog cutting off my awesome pictures and messing up my format! Oh well. You get the idea.