The Real Pro Bowl Selections (AFC) (revised)

This is now revised for final season numbers


-*Phillip Rivers (SDG): 105.5 QB rating, 8.39 YPA, 34 TD, 11 INT, 65.3 completion percentage

-Chad Pennington (MIA): 97.4 QB rating, 7.67 YPA, 19 TD, 7 INT, 67.4 completion percentage

-Peyton Manning (IND): 95.0 QB rating, 7.21 YPA, 27 TD, 12 INT, 66.8 completion percentage

My apologies to: Matt Schaub (HOU), Matt Cassel (NWE)

Running backs:

-*Chris Johnson (TEN): 4.9 YPC, 9 TD

-Steve Slaton (HOU): 4.8 YPC, 9 TD

-Thomas Jones (NYJ): 4.5 YPC, 13 TD (Jesus Christ, I can't believe now that he's not a Chicago Bear he legitimately deserves to be a pro bowler)

My apologies to: LenDale White (TEN), Marshawn Lynch (BUF), Ronnie Brown (MIA)

Wide Receivers:

-*Andre Johnson (HOU): 98.4 YPG, 8 TD

-*Randy Moss (NWE): 63.0 YPG, 11 TD

-Brandon Marshall (DEN): 84.3 YPG, 6 TD

-Wes Welker (NWE): 75.3 YPG, 3 TD

My sincerest apologies to: Reggie Wayne (IND)

Tight Ends:

-*Tony Gonzales (KAN): 66.1 YPG, 10 TD

-Dallas Clark (IND): 56.5 YPG, 6 TD

Slight apologies to: Owen Daniels (HOU)


-Casey Wiegmann (DEN): 3rd in AFC in pass blocking, 1st in AFC in run blocking

-Dan Coppen (NWE): 2nd in AFC in run blocking, 14th in AFC in pass blocking (which I refuse to believe because I watch Patriots game and Matt Cassel, like Brady before him, still has like 8 seconds to throw on every play. When you watch the Patriots O-Line in pass protection they look amazing)

Punt Returner:

-*Roscoe Parrish (BUF): 15.3 AVG, 1 TD

Kick Returner:

-*Ellis Hobbs (NWE): 28.5 AVG, 1 TD


-*Steven Gostkowski (NWE): 91.9 FG %, 1/1 50+ yards


-*Sam Koch (BAL): 40.5 IN20%, 39.9 NET

Defensive Ends:

-*Robert Mathis (IND): 11.5 sacks, 5 FF, 48 tackles

-*Mario Williams (HOU): 12.0 sacks, 4 FF, 53 tackles

-Dwight Freeney (IND): 10.5 sacks, 4 FF, 28 tackles

-Shaun Ellis (NYJ): 8.0 sacks, 2 FF, 60 tackles


-*Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK)

-*Courtland Finnegan (TEN)

Not enough information to determine back ups


-*Joey Porter (MIA): 17.5 sacks, 4 FF, 47 tackles, 0 INT

-*James Harrison (PIT): 16.0 sacks, 7 FF, 101 tackles, 1 INT

-*D'Quell Jackson (CLE): 2.0 sacks, 0 FF, 154 tackles, 3 INT

-Lamaar Woodley (PIT): 11.5 sacks, 2 FF, 60 tackles, 1 INT

-Ray Lewis (BAL): 3.5 sacks, 2 FF, 117 tackles, 3 INT

-Terrell Suggs (BAL): 8.0 sacks, 2 FF, 68 tackles, 2 INT

My apologies to: Calvin Pace (NYJ), Jerod Mayo (NWE), James Ferrier (PIT)


-*Troy Polamalu (PIT): 73 tackles, 0 FF, 7 INT, 0 TD

-*Ed Reed (BAL): 41 tackles, 1 FF, 9 INT, 2 TD, 1.0 sack

-Yeremiah Bell (MIA): 130 tackles, 3 FF, 1.0 sack, 0 INT

-Michael Griffin (TEN): 75 tackles, 7 INT, 1 FF, 1 TD

Slight apologies to: Gibril Wilson (OAK), Antoine Bethea (IND)

Defensive Tackles:

-*Albert Haynesworth (TEN): 8.5 sacks, 3 FF

-*Richard Seymour (NWE): 8.0 sacks (I know he's not REALLY a tackle, but hell, he plays in the 3-4 scheme so I say it's close enough)

Possible back ups: Shaun Rodgers (CLE), Trevor Scott (OAK), Elvis Dumervil (DEN)

No way to judge accurately: offensive guard, offensive tackles, special teamer, fullback

*denotes starter