Diabetes Makes You Awesome!

Jay Cutler has been in the NFL for three years now. For the first two years, Jay Cutler has kind of sucked. Now this year he is good, in fact, he should be a pro bowler. So what's changed between this year and last year? This past off season, Cutler was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. And now look at what's he's done compared to what he's done in the past. Based on this one example, diabetes was clearly the reason that made Jay Cutler better.

Therefore, diabetes makes you better.


David ''MVP'' Eckstein said...

Ron Santo had diabetes. The theory holds up!

The 'Bright' One said...

Actually, cutler sucked the past 2 years cause he had diabetes. he's playing better this year cause he was diagnosed with diabetes and now has to stick a needle in his ass 5 times a day to not suck