Reggie Bush Is Too Pretty To Play Football

Mark Schlereth may have just committed career suicide when he responded to a Reggie Bush question by flat out saying "Reggie Bush is a bad football player". A creepy silence fell over the entire espn headquarters for a solid 3 seconds, equivalent to an hour in TV time. Schlereth, knowing that his corner office was already being cleared out and all evidence of his existence going through the shredder, decided to go for broke. He basically called Bush a pussy for never putting his head down, always stepping out of bounds, and missing games due to injuries Brett Favre wouldn't even know were there. Clearly Schlereth was out shooting another scene for "the bold and the beautiful" or whatever when espn sent out the memo proclaiming Bush one of their Golden Boys. Does he not know that Bush won the Heisman Trophy, that he runs a 4.3 40, that he's spooning with Kim Kardashian. Bush's on field performance is completely arbitrary to his status as the NFL equivalent of the chosen one. Nice knowing you Mark Schlereth. Your stunning daytime drama good looks will surely be missed.


Sexy Rexy said...

I don't understand ESPN's fascination with Reggie Bush. Was he a phenomenal college player? Absolutely. Is he a good pro player? He's losing his job to the undrafted free agent, from the great school of Illinois BTW, Pierre Thomas. What do you think?

His average yard per game his first three years in the league: 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8. Pierre Thomas' stats his first two (granted you must take with a grain of salt considering he has significant less attempts): 4.8 and 4.9.

But look at this. Thomas, with 146 career rushing attempts has 8 career rushing TDs. Bush, with 418 career attempts only has 12 career rushing TDs. Thomas: .055 TDs per attempt. Bush: .029 TDs per attempt. This means Pierre Thomas scores an average of 1.90 TDs per attempt more than Reggie Bush.

Pierre Thomas' average yard per catch the past two years: 8.9 and 9.5. Reggie Bush's average yard per catch in his first three years: 8.4, 5.7, 8.5. Pierre Thomas' career average TD per catch: .079. Reggie Bush's average TDs per catch: .038. On average, Thomas scores a TD 2.08 more times per catch than Reggie Bush.

1) Texans: Mario Williams (29.5 career sacks and hasn't missed a game yet).
2)New Orleans: Reggie Bush (getting more value from an undrafted free agent than the Golden Boy Reggie Bush).
3) Tennessee: Vince Young (currently being benched for my favorite MVP candidate Kerry Collins)

Hey Houston, how you like your pick now!? (It also took them 3 years but they finally have their RB is Steve Slaton)