You Make Plays When You Need It Most

One of my newest favorite ESPN football analysts, Trent Dilfer, is apparently being pressured to sound more like ESPN's baseball analysts. When talking about the Indianapolis/ Cleveland game a few weeks ago, Dilfer pointed out just how good Indy's D was. The final score was 10-6 so both teams put up a damn good defensive fronts but late in the game when the Browns were looking to score Indy stopped their drive and won the game. As Dilfer said so astutely about the Colts' D, "They make plays when they need to the most"

You're right Trent. Indy does not make plays when they don't need to. When it's 1st and ten and the Browns have 90 yards to go for a TD, their defense just doesn't try. Why should they they? They don't ever make plays. They only make effective plays when the Browns get in field goal range. Why try to get an interception or force a fumble when they game doesn't matter? For three plus quarters, the Indy D doesn't give a shit. In fact, we shouldn't count any defensive stats Indy players make unless it's the opposing teams last drive.

Trent. Come on. Don't stoop down to John Kruk analysis here. How about just say something like, the Colts just have a good defense? How something that their defensive ends are pro bowl caliber guys able to stop a QB on any drive and thus able to stop a QB on the last drive? Teams try to AND succeed at making plays no matter the game situation is. Not just when "they need to the most"