A Sample Basketball Highlight

Here's an example of a prototypical basketball highlight:

Random ESPN announcer [highlights of the basketball game show over voice]: Now let's go to Chicago/Orlando game. Here's Derrick Rose, he's in between three defenders, he does an amazing spin move, he goes around Dwight Howard, and OOHHH look at that amazing jam. Derrick Rose again in the 2nd quarter. He gets the steal, he runs down the lane and makes the easy lay up. Rose later again, drives towards the lane, makes an unbelievable behind-the-back pass to Ben Gordan and Gordan get two. Last drive, two seconds left in the game, Derrick Rose throws it up at half court and MAKES THE SHOT as time expires. Derrick Rose had an amazing game: 42 points, 15 assists, 2 steals, and 5 rebounds.

Announcer again [a stat sheet up on screen]: Let's look, at the last Chicago players to get 40+ points and 14+ assists in Orlando. As you can see Rose joins an impressive list including Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen


So here's the template for a basketball highlight

  1. Show three to four amazing plays that happen during the game. Overhype those plays. If you can find audio of the team's announcer over blowing the play, that would be even better. If you can't find an amazing play, just take a random play of a player everybody knows and make it sound like the player is doing more than he actually is.
  2. Compare what one person did during the game so some other great players. It doesn't matter what stat you make up to compare the players, this is just a time filler
  3. Say the score of the game. This is trivial. No one care about this. The highlight actually should not even coincide with the score.