Allen Iverson to Retire?

Back in September Allen Iverson signed with the Memphis Grizzlies. I wrote a post about it. As I said then I didn’t think Allen Iverson could put his ego aside to come off the bench. If he did I thought he could be great off the bench scoring points in a hurry. Well we never got a chance to find out. Less than two weeks after the NBA season started Allen Iverson is already having a problem with his role because he said he is better than the starters. In my post I said “I would be surprised if Allen Iverson is there more than a year”. I should have said I would be surprised if he makes it the entire year, because now he is on personal leave and is supposedly considering retirement. I think he would have been better coming off the bench for a contender, but now it looks like he will be done.

Do you think he will retire?