I Bow To The Greatness of Aaron Rodgers

Fuck, it pains me to say this.

No matter what, the Packers always seem to have amazing QBs. Grented, they spent 16 years with one of the greatest QBs ever, but they STILL have a grest QB, what the fuck. In fact, I think you can make the argument that Aaron Rodgers is the greatest QB playing right now. If I had to choose the best QB in the NFC, I would choose Rodgers, even over guys like Brees, Favre, Cutler (although I love him), McNabb, and Warner. Hell, I'll put him ahead of Peyton Manning.

At first glance, you look at Aaron Rodgers and they seem good, but not best in the game. He currently ranks 5th in passer rating, 6th in YPG, 3rd in YPA, and 13th in completion percentage. He doesn't seem that efficient ranking 14th in DYAR and 16th in DVOA. While these numbers may seem preety, guys like Drew Brees, Matt Schaub, Peytin Manning, and Tom Brady and essentially ahead of Rodgers of all these categories. So how can I justify that Rodgers is better than all of them? Easy

The Packers have the worst pass blocking offensive line in the game.

New England, Indianapolis, and New Orleans all rank in the top five of passing O-line. The Packers rank dead last. Yes, the Clevland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Detriot Lions, and St. Luois Rams all have better pass blocking offensive lineman than the ones Aaron Rodgers has. To add to that, Rodgers leads the league in sacks(37), 10 more than the #2 guy.

One of the biggest causal factors in determing how great a QB can perform, is by his pass blocking offenisve lineman. The best example I can think of his Jay Cutler this year. You just watch the team and that line can not block for shit and Orlando Pace let's a guy attack Cutler every other play it seems like. Cutler has proven is recent years (including this one) that he's really good. However, it's really hard to complete passes with guys in your face and tugging at your jersey. Then you look at Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. it's sure looks easy completing passes when you have time to look for multiple recievers all across the field.

Depsite the struggle and pain of completing passes when the defense is breathing down your neck, Rodgers seems to be able to do it. And he does this time and time again. I think people forget/ never realized just how important the offenisve line is. Yet despite the shittiness/ injuries of the Packers O-line, Aaron Rodgers is still able to be one of the best in the game.

We will never truely know which QB is better than another in a single season because no two offensive line, receives, play calling, offenisve in general, etc. will ever be identical between any two teams. But I think if everything was equal, Aaron Rodgers would prove that he has been the best for half if the NFL season because of closely he has perfomed to guys with better offsenive lines, receivers, and running backs, etc.


luc schouten said...

Aaron Rodgers is already in top-tier of NFL quarterbacks, and with a little help on the offensive line and a few more pieces he could be a perennial MVP candidate.