White Sox to play Triple A team

I just read an article that the White Sox are going to play their triple-A affiliate the Charlotte Knights in an exhibition game. I guess they used to play each other, but stopped 10 years ago. They will play against each other for the first time since 1999. I find this weird for a professional team to play their minor league affiliate in an official exhibition game. I can see a game being played in Spring training against each other, but not in this setting. I never heard of such a thing. I guess they use to do it though. Has anyone heard of this happening a lot?

The White Sox will play the game at Charlotte Knights Stadium in Fort Mill, N.C. The time will be determined later. This will help the Knights attendance. Williams said they are doing this because "Every spring, we say it takes more than 25 players to win a championship”. I wonder what really made them to decide to do this.