I hate how people actually look

A long time ago, in a universe far far away, GOI used to make podcasts and talk about the all the important issues in the world of sports. One time we discussed how it is impossible to tell how someone on the radio looks in real life based solely on their voice. Apparently the same can be true of ones writing. Josh Zerkle is the writer for one of my favorite sports blogs, withleather.com. Based on his witty writing, I would expect him to be a young, hip personality like a Nate Silver for example. However, he just put up a video of some blogger convention he attended in Las Vegas, and I got to see what he really looks like. Now I have been burned many times before and i told my not to watch the video because it would ruin the website for me for ever and ever. But I gave it a shot and got destroyed like always.

Josh Zerkle is actually a super dweeb who wears 3 t-shits at once, plays video games all day long, and basically looks like he lives in his mother's basement. I doubt I can take any of his sarcastic, pop culture references seriously ever again. I now take offense that this loser called me an overzealous fanboy in one of his posts. Go pretend to be cool somewhere else.

Blogs with Balls After Dark With Matt Sebek from HHR on Vimeo.