The Best Fantasy Teams Introduction

At the begging of a season you never know how a fantasy team will do. There are several times you think you your team is great and then it doesn’t do that well. There are also a few occasions you don’t like your team and then it does better than you think. There are a number of factors that could affect how your team performs from injuries, career down years, and just a bad combination of players. I usually have several fantasy teams in fantasy baseball, fantasy football, and fantasy basketball. Fantasy Baseball is winding down where I had several teams and Fantasy football is starting where I also had several teams. I decided I am going to analyze the teams and look at some of them. Rarely do people go back and analyze their teams and see what went right and what went wrong. I don’t plan on doing every team because that would be boring, but I will look at the Fantasy Baseball teams I thought were going to be good and they were, or the teams that I thought were going to be good and weren’t. I will also look and if there are any teams that I thought they weren’t that good and they did better than I thought then we will look at them. Maybe I will learn something for future drafts from this. I will also highlight in this series a few teams from my Fantasy Football teams just staring that I think are good teams and look forward to input on them!