Merrill Hoge is on my list

This one is simple. Trey Wingo says "Devin Hester has jets". Correct. Merrill Hodge adds his own insight. "The thing that'll allows him to be a great wide receiver is that he has great hands". Wrong

Sexy Rexy back me up on this


Sexy Rexy said...

Obviously Merril Hodge have never seen a full game where Devin Hester was good at returning kick offs or one of the 60 times Kyle Orton has thrown to him and only has seen Hester's highlights

Yes, I back you up

Cubsfan4evr said...

Even though you don't seem to want me to, I also will back you up. I heard that comment, and I was like what? Devin Hester's biggest weakness is his bad hands, or maybe his bad football IQ.

The 'Bright' One said...

sorry cubsfan, i thought you were too busy writing more bulls posts

Cubsfan4evr said...

LOL. They are really time consuming and I don't think anyone likes them, but I finish what I start. I am done looking at the players tomorrow and then will look at the team as a whole.

FYI I am never too busy to back you up though! I heard that comment on Hesther and it is comments like those that make me not like national commentary because they don't know what there talking about half the time.