Bill Simmons is on Gary Bettmans list

Was listening to a recent Bill Simmons podcast with his best friend (only friend?) Jacko about the rivalry matchups in college football. J/k, they were talking about the Sox and the Yanks like always. The conversation swayed toward Jeter and Arod explaining the resurgence of Jeter and the lesser role Arod has taken this year.

Simmons made a few stupid comments during the podcast, which he is prone to do, and apparently makes him charming in a way. First he thought Lou Gehrig disease was a cancer, then not knowing the difference between a disease and cancer, and then just getting off the subject. Trying to make a wacky movie/music/sports connection, Simmons called Kate Hudson Arod's sloppy seconds(oh no he didn') saying not even the allegedly slutty Hudson could get Arod back on the baseball radar.

Overlooking the preposterous notion that Arod is having a down season(.400 wOBA), we know what happened the last time someone(Martin Brodeur's bitch) called someone else(Jack Bauer's daughter) sloppy seconds. Gary Betmann would so suspend Simmons for the rest of him life from ESPN. Of course, Bettman is not in charge of ESPN, otherwise we'd be watching sportscenter on Versus. So we can just laugh at the joke and laugh at the NHL for being stupid, though I do love the sport.