Worst Trashing Talking Ever

Read this article about the comments between Seahawks WR T.J. Whose-your-mama and Bears LB Lance Briggs.

Houshmandzadeh talks about how he's pissed that the Bears didn't go after him in the off-season (Hey, me too!) but then says:

It is what it is, they got good receivers there. Devin Hester is going to develop into a pretty good receiver. He has great quickness, great lateral movement, great speed, great hand-eye coordination. So, he should be able to develop into a pretty good receiver, if he has the coaching and they open up the pass game for him.

Briggs responds saying that T.J. is just bitter

Whose your mama responds by saying that Lance didn't didn't want to play in Chicago either at one point but then says:

"Hey, you know what, though, Lance is a good player. When you watch Lance on tape, man he's a beast. He knows it. He can say what he wants to say if he plays like that."

Houshmandzadeh went on to praise the Bears' secondary and quarterback Jay Cutler.

"I can't do too much talking, because I haven't had the ball thrown my way much this year," Houshmandzadeh said. "So you have to get the ball before you can talk."

Rules of trash talking:
1) Go all out if you're going to trash talk
2) If you don't, at least have a last name that I can spell to make fun of you

If you want a good trash talk, do what Jets S Kerry Rhodes last week before they faced New Endland. Now THAT'S how you trash talk