Milton Bradley is a Mama's boy

Don't be mad at Milton Bradley, you'll make his mommy sad. She explains how all the negativity around Wrigley was affecting Bradley's performance on the field leading to his miserable season at the plate(we dont care about his walks, Eckstein). She has insider info from Milton himself that he would be open to returning to the Cubs next season, assuming he is still allowed to cross the Illinois border.
"Milton eats, sleeps and drinks baseball. He loves it. That's all he wants to do"..."I watched his swing, and I could tell what was wrong," Rector told the Sun-Times. "His mind wasn't on baseball. He was thinking about all of these other things."
There probably is some truth to all the pressure getting to Bradley's head. A guy doesnt come off consecutive .950 OPS seasons and suddenly regress to the .700 level. Unless he went on a crispy chicken sandwich binge after signing his fat contract. When I heard Bradley's mom had an opinion on the suspension, i thought even she would think Milton is an embacle. I guess it's nice there's one person in the world who doesnt hate Milton Bradley.


Anonymous said...

embacle, noun (em′bak·…ôl):
The piling up of ice in a stream after a refreeze, and the pile so formed.

If you meant that MB is an embacle of shit, I guess that might work. Else, learn to spell.

Sexy Rexy said...

He didn't mean that Bradley is an idiot, he clearly meant that Bradley is piling of ice in a stream, duh! Jeez

The 'Bright' One said...

yeah...i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that i'm much, much smarter than you are.

But thanks for reading, whoever you are...although i have a pretty good idea, maybe