GOI Football Prediction Results: Week One

Pigskin Pick 'Em

1) Sexy Rexy: 13 out of 16 correct, 81.3%

Awesome pick of the week: 49ers over Cardinals
WTF pick of the week: Lions over Saints

2) The Bright One: 12 out of 16 correct, 75%

Awesome pick of the week: Jets over Texans
WTF pick of the week: Titans over Steelers

3) Cubsfanforevr: 11 out of 16 correct, 68.8%

Awesome pick of the week: Eagles over Panthers
WTF pick of the week: Bengals over Broncos

Fantasy Football League:

1) The Bright One (1-0), 114 points
2) Cubsfanforevr (1-0), 88 points
3) Sexy Rexy (0-1), 91 points
4) David "MVP" Eckstein (0-1), 64 points

Eliminator Challenge

Sexy Rexy: Saints, still in
Cubsfan4evr: Saints, still in
The Bright One: Patriots, still in
David "MVP" Eckstein: Vikings, still in
Richard: Eagles, still in
J O'Brien (???): Bengals, eliminated

Salary Cap Football

Sexy Rexy: Overall rank: 16,013, 91.93 points
The Bright One: Overall rank: 437, 123.96 points
Cubsfan4evr: Overall rank: ???, ??? points

Football Board Bets

1) Pierre Thomas injured, DNP
2) Reggie Bush, no rushing TD (or receiving one for that matter)
Ahmad Bradshaw: 7 points, 12 carries
Fred Taylor: 8 points, 25 carries


The 'Bright' One said...

i'm in the 99th percentile for salary cap football

Cubsfan4evr said...

I don't think I should say how I did. It is very ugly! Now after learning more about the teams after I drafted there are several players I bought high and some sleepers I like now, but can't even afford them because I broke the bank. I have 64.96 total points and my overall rank is 59,191.

Sexy Rexy said...

Did I do better than both of you?

Sexy Rexy said...

on wait, no, TBO rocked us

Cubsfan4evr said...

Yeah, TBO kicked both of our asses. You beat me though. Salary cap football is not my thing.