Welcome to the OC bitch!

Aaron Corp got an introduction to what it's like being the starting quarterback for the Southern California Trojans. And that introduction ended with him getting kicked in the balls by Jake Locker and the greatly inferior Washington Huskies. I predict the Huskies will go like 4-5 in conference this year, thats how bad they are. Still Aaron Corp manned up and still found a way to completely tank. Dude threw for 110 yards and an interception. Not ever the Matt Barkley treatment of just handing off to the RBs wasnt enough. They out rushed Washington 250-50 and still lost? How is that even possible. I'll tell you how; Corp went all Cade McClown on the hearts of all USC fans.

You know the Cade McNown training regimen. Party it up hard, bang some playboy playmates, get sparknotes version of playbook, and hope for the best. Like be out of the league before your rookie contract is up. Dude was obviously not prepared for DIVISION I FOOTBALL, IT'S THE PAC 10, IT AIN'T INTERMURALS. Maybe he just wasnt prepared for the moment of playing in The Coliseum. I'm pretty sure next time Matt Barkley has to miss a start, Pete Carroll will start THE FORMER #1 OVERALL RANKED PROSPECT MITCH MUSTAIN instead of some frat boy reject. Oh, no i'm not judging him as a frat boy. It's a fact. According to some USC girls, and who wouldnt trust that, Corp was out the night after the loss partying it up at some frat house..errr..preparing for his next start. Anyone who checked facebook, twitter, blogs, or an actual human being knew that Corp was getting massacred and prepared for expulsion from USC. Honestly I'm surprised he was let into the party. Even frat houses have some standards.