The Overrated Joe Namath

I know we have at least one semi-loyal reader who's a Jets fan so I'm sorry to break this news to you: Joe Namath was a below average QB. In fact, I will put money that if Mark Sanchez is healthy, he will be a better QB than Joe Namath was. It's still in the minds of the football culture than QB Superbowl wins = Hall Of Fame and granted Joe Namath's promise and efforts in Superbowl III did help solidify the NFL to what it is today (helping prove the AFC was worthy to join with the NFC), but does that warrant him being a HOFer, I don't think so.

First of all, Namath has more career INTs than TDs, 220 INT to 173 TDs. That stat alone makes me believe he doesn't belong in the HOF, but wait, there's more. He barely completed over 50% of his passes (50.1%) and he averaged less than 200 yards a game (197.6) and a career passer rating of only 65.5. Hell, Kerry Collins can do that! Those numbers are so pedestrian that Rex Grossman can do that!

His 27,663 career yards thrown looks impressive, but that's only because he played for 12 years. But he's only 45th all time on career yards thrown and 46th all time in pass attempts and 64th all time in passes completed. I'll give him credit that he was fairly efficient when he completed passes ranking 13th all time in yards per pass completed. However, he only ranks 133 all time in adjusted net yards per pass attempt.

Joe Namath so inefficient when he threw the ball and did a fairly bad job doing so that he does not belong in the HOF. However, he makes for some great interviews!