A Look at the Chicago Bulls 2009………. Jim Paxson

Jim Paxson is the brother of John Paxson, the Chicago Bulls Excecutive Vice President of basketball operations. John Paxson hired his brother Jim as a consultant for the Bulls in 2006. I don’t think many people know that Jim Paxson is on the Bulls payroll, so I decided to include him in this preview of the Bulls.

After Jim Paxson retired from playing in 1990 at only 32 years old he joined Portland's front office as assistant general manager. In September of 1998 he was named as vice president of basketball operations for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was promoted to general manager in 1999. He was the general manger of the Cleveland Cavaliers until April of 2005. After six years as general manager he was fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers. During his time there he was general manager when they drafted LeBron James and he hired Paul Silas to coach him. Now he is helping the Bulls get back on the winning track………………only if he could get us LeBron James.