My Fantasy Baseball 2009 Teams……………..Over Performing Team From No Where

This team is currently in second place with 84.5 points. The team in first place has 100.5 points so there is no way I can win this late in the season. I didn’t think this team would do that well. Except for Pujols, Martinez, and Nelson Cruz I didn’t think like my offense that much. I currently have 8 points in runs and average. I have 9 points for RBI, SB, and HR. I also didn’t think my pitching staff was that good. They somehow have 11 points for wins, 9 points for saves, and 8 points for K’s and ERA. I have teams that I thought was built much better than this one, and somehow this one did much better than I ever expected.

League: Yahoo Public 284986
Catcher: Víctor Martínez
First Basemen: Albert Pujols
Second Basemen: Clint Barmes
Third Basemen: Marco Scutaro
Shortstop: Jason Bartlett
Outfielder: Carlos Lee
Outfielder: Michael Cuddyer
Outfielder: Franklin Gutiérrez
Utillity Player: Nelson Cruz
Pitching Staff:
J.A. Happ
Randy Wolf
Randy Wells
Bobby Jenks
Francisco Cordero
José Valverde
Kevin Millwood
Edwin Jackson
Tommy Hanson
Wandy Rodríguez
Ted Lilly
Zach Duke