GOI Football Prediction Results: Week Three

Pigskin Pick 'Em:

1) Sexy Rexy

Overall: 32 out of 48, 66.67%
Last Week: 12 out of 16, 75%

1) The "Bright" One

Overall: 32 out of 48, 66.67%
Last Week: 10 out of 16, 62.5%

3) Cubsfan4ever

Overall: 31 out of 48, 65%
Last Week: 12 out of 16, 75%

Fantasy Football League:

1) Cubsfan4evr (2-1): 284 points
2) The 'Bright' One (2-1): 277 points
BTW, TBO sucks because he lost to DME, a guy who knows NOTHING about football. This is worse than losing to Pod Vader in the Man's League
3) Sexy Rexy (2-1): 271 points
4) David "MVP" Eckstein (2-1): 248 points

Eliminator Challenge:

1) Sexy Rexy, Green Bay Packers (3)
1) Cubsfan4evr, Baltimore Ravens (3)
3) The 'Bright' One, Washington Redskins (0)
3) J O'Brien, Houston Texans (0)
3) David "MVP" Eckstein, DNP (0)
3) Richard, DNP (0)

Salary Cap Football:

1) The "Bright" One: 243.72total points, 94th percentile
2) Sexy Rexy: 235.92 total points, 91st percentile
3) Cubsfan4ever: 201.96 total points, 59th percentile

Football Board Bets:

1) Pierre Thomas, ranked 32rd among all RBs, 14 attempts
2) Reggie Bush, 1 rushing TD

Ahmad Bradshaw: 20 total fantasy points
Fred Taylor: 28 total fantasy points


Cubsfan4evr said...

In Salary Cap Football I have 201.96 total points for the 59th Percentile and 37,595 is my Overall Rank. Salary cap football is not my thing. Football is my fourth favorite sport behind Baseball, Basketball, and Bowling and it shows.

Cubsfan4evr said...

I have been surprised the past three weeks how fast Sexy Rexy gets the GOI football prediction results posted! Literally right after the last game ends he seems to get it up! Judos to him on that!

The 'Bright' One said...

Judos to him is actually appropriate seeing as it is Yom Kippur

Bowling is not a sport. People dont get wasted when they play hockey

Journalissimo said...

When did I play the eliminator challenge?

Sexy Rexy said...

You didn't? Then who is "journajim 1, J O'Brien" I just assumed that was you and you used a pysodym (sp?) for your ESPN name.

Does anyone know who this person is?