Look at the Chicago Bulls 2009……….Brad Miller

Brad Miller is a savvy 11 year veteran the Bulls acquired in a trade from the Sacramento Kings last year before the trade deadline. This is Miller’s second tour of duty in Chicago. He played in Chicago from 2000 to 2002. Miller is a 7-0 center who is 33 years old and he showed his age last year while the Bulls were making their playoff run. So the Bulls will have him come off the bench and provide an offensive boost off the bench. Brad Miller has always been more of an offensive minded player, which is a good fit because he is the only big man we have that is. Tryus Thomas could be a good offensive player, but still has a lot to prove. Brad Miller alongside Kirk Hinrich will be filling one of the biggest question’s this Bulls team has coming into the season, the bench. When I am done looking at the players I will be analyzing the team as a whole. I think Miller will have a good season and look to see him playing down the stretch at the end of games even though he is coming off the bench.