Jackie MacMullan is on my list

Jackie MacMullan was on Around the Horn today debating whether Mark Reynolds' new record of 206 single season strikeouts is really a bad thing. Most the panalists agreed that it really doesnt matter given his 43 homers on the season. However, Mrs. MacMullan said that you would never see Mark Reynolds' name in the book Moneyball.

Uhhhhhh, wouldn't Mark Reynolds be the perfect guy to put into Moneyball? This guy is Jack Cust on steroids, wait Cust is on steroids. This guy is Jack Cust on myostatin inhibitors.
His walk rate increases every year up to 12% this year, K rate increases every year up to 38% and his iso jumped to the .300 range. He even has 24 steals this year, which is anti-moneyball, but he steals at a 73% clip which is satisfactory. If you want to play for the 3-run homer, Mark Reynolds is your guy. I think MacMullan meant Chris Davis is not a Moneyball guy.

The .300 iso level needs to have a cool name like the Mendoza line. I recommend Jimmie Foxx who had a career .284 iso and 6 seasons over 300. We can call is the "double X" line. Awesome