My experience meeting Ryan Theriot

As everyone should know last Saturday I met Chicago Cub Ryan Theriot. Thanks to “David "MVP" Eckstein David” for posting the picture promptly that night! I was in the city, loop to be more specific with my family celebrating my brother’s birthday. We were walking around the city and passed this sports store. They said that Ryan Theriot would be there shortly signing autographs so we went in. Ryan Theriot came a little late at 4:28pm (supposed to be there at 4:00pm) because of the Cubs game that day. The Cubs game on Saturday which “The 'Bright' One” and “David "MVP" Eckstein David” were at started disappointing, but then the Cubs rallied back to score 5 runs and tie it up. Then is had a sour ending when Cubs closer Carlos Marmol gave up runs in the 9th and the Cubs bat went silent in the bottom of the ninth and lost. I was surprised how the line to see Ryan Theriot was pretty short. I was number 15 in line with my family and I would guess there weren’t more than 25 people in line in all when I left from seeing Theriot.

I was very excited to see Ryan Theriot and came up with a few things for small talk when I was in line waiting. They were:
•Tough lost today after that comeback
•What stat do you try to incorporate most into your game? Ex. Average, Stolen bases, runs scored.
•How do you like playing under Lou?
•Do you like playing shortstop or would prefer second base?

When it was my turn to see Theriot I said my first line of “Tough lost today after that comeback” and got a mumbled response from him that sounded like “yeah” but could barley understand. I was so taken back by his response and how unfriendly he was I was caught off guard and didn’t ask any of my questions! As you can see from the picture that “David "MVP" Eckstein David” posted on my behalf that night he didn’t seem to excited to be there and didn’t even smile for the picture. I have heard stories about Theriot being a great guy, but I was disappointed in my experience. Especially, because he was doing something for the fans and presumably getting paid, you think he would have been more fan friendly.


Sexy Rexy said...

Theriot's expression was the same one I had after meeting you too! haha j/k j/k

Cubsfan4evr said...

LOL. I know you did. You still have it every time I see you........That's why I like being someone's favorite person.