How are the Bears wide Receivers holding up?

Last season the Chicago Bears brought in two veteran receivers in Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker. Both of them didn’t contribute much and factor in much. So this off-season the Bears decided to not bring in any veteran receivers who would be mediocre and decided to turn to their youth. They didn’t want any veteran’s taking away from playing time from young players who may be better. So the Bears went into the season with several wide receivers in the mix. The six wide receivers listed on the Bears roster are: Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett, Rashied Davis, Juaquin Iglesias, and Devin Aromashodu.

The three main receivers are Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, and Earl Bennett. Devin Hester has 28 catches for 373 yards. That is an average of 13.3 yeards per catch. The rookie Johnny Knox has made an impact fast. He has 21 catches for 266 yards. That is an average of 12.7 per catch. Earl Bennett the rookie has caught 23 catches for 305 yards. His average is 13.3 yards per catch.

The other three wide receivers have barley played. Rashied Davis has lined up in limited action this season as a wide reviver. He has played more on special teams. As a wide reviver he caught two passes for 16 total yards. The rookie Juaquin Iglesias has caught no passes. Journeyman Devin Aromashodu has also caught no passes.

This is not taking into account the Tight ends and the running back Forte catching passes. This is focusing on the wide receivers. The nucleus of Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, and Earl Bennett have done well.

I wish we would see more of Devin Aromashodu though. He was injured to start the season so he wasn’t given a chance. Devin Aromashodu was supposed to be ahead of Jonny Knox of the depth chart before his injury. He missed a few weeks, but has been back for a while. Now there is no playing time for him. I saw Devin Aromashodu at training camp and he looked good. He is tall at 6-2, fast, and seemed to have very good hands making some hard catches on the day I went. He has been on a few teams now for a reason, but I think if he was given a few throws his ways, he would wow Chicago fans. For now it is up to Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, and Earl Bennett to carry the load though.


Sexy Rexy said...

Brandon Lloyd was awesome in like the 3 games he played with us, but he got injured like at the end of the 3rd game or beginning of the 4th. I wouldn't call it fair to say that he "didn't contribute much" yes, being injured means u don't contribute but you can't injuries dude and I don't blame the guy

Johnny Knox is fucking amazing and I'm sure better than your boy I-Run-A-Day-Shute or however you pronounce his name. Even on plays when he's not catching passes, Knox looks open all the fuck time, but this shitty O-line isn't allowing Cutler time to throw

Cutler is absolutely making these receivers better and it goes to show that when u have a competant QB not just a "game manager" just how good other people look

But Pace can't guard a a Big Mac to save his life (I guess that's also b/c he'll eat it) and is always letting his fucking blocker through which causes Cutler to roll out so much which "hurts" this receiving corps. Cutler's done a fantastic job considering he has a hand in his face all the fuck time.

It's great that we have a good crop of young guys and Cutler is young too. So once this Oline stops being shitty, these receivers will look even better

Cubsfan4evr said...

I should clarify I don't blame Lloyd for not contributing. He was good when he played. Then he got injured and missed some time. When he came back he couldn't back in rhythm. He was good, but there may be better younger players who could contribute more.

It probably is good that Aromashodu got injured so we could see what Knox could do. I like Knox, but think Aromashodu can also be good. Plus Knox and Hester are the same type of player. We could use different style players. I would like to see Bennet, Aromashodu, and Hester or Knox in at a time. I tihnk you would like Aromashodu if he ever got any type of chance.

The Offensive line does stink! If they were better Forte would be better and Cutler would be even better with more time.

Pace is done! There was a reason he was cut by his prior team. The same reason we should cut him now! He is old and done. He has nothing left in the tank. He may be a future hall of famer, but his days of being good are long done.

Sexy Rexy said...