The White Sox free agents

The White Sox have two big free agents. They are leadoff man Scott Podsednik, and the aging Jermaine Dye. The White Sox are probably going to cut ties with Jermaine Dye because his bat seems to be slowing down and he struggled down the stretch last season. He was a anchor of the team for the past 5 years, but his career looks to be going on the downslide. Jermaine Dye batted .250, 340 on base percentage, 27 homeruns, 81 RBI’s, in 503 at-bats. His numbers were solid, but he struggled after June where he batted .329. In July he batted 245, followed by an August of .189 and a September and October of .175. Thus, he seemed to be on a drastic decline.

Scott Podsednik did well leading off for the White Sox this past season. His career seemed over after being released from the Rockeis before the season started, but Williams brought him back for a second chance. Podsednik took advantage of the second chance and did well leading off with a .304 average, 30 stolen bases, 75 runs scored, in 537 at-bats. Scott Podsednik is not a great leadoff man or a great player, but he is a good cheap option to leadoff. He does have speed and can steal bases. He wouldn’t be my first choice, but if the White Sox can’t sign a Chone Figgins or get someone better, he would be a good option on a low priced one year contract. I think they will bring him back for one more year.

They Sox have many other options this off season. The Sox are interesting on what they will do this off season. They have a lot of versatility and options with their infield and outfield. The Sox made it clear they want to use the DH to rotate starters and give players a rest. They also have prospects they may give a chance, and players why may switch positions. Thus, it is hard to predict what they will do this off-season because they have so many options.


Sexy Rexy said...

i love what scottie pods did for the team last yr but he sucks. his obp was decent but that was fueled by his high BA which isn't sustainable. this white sox team is gonna blow. honestly, i wish kenny would go out and sign good defensive players to help out this gonna be dominant pitching staff

Cubsfan4evr said...

I actually like the White Sox and the direction. They may be offensively challenged at times, but I think their defense and pitching will be good. I think they have a different plan then most think. I said they have a lot of flexibility, but it is hard to explain in writing what I think will happen.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Maybe the Cubs can sucker the Sox into taking Milton Bradley's salary off our hands. I don't hate bradley. I just hate his price tag.

Sexy Rexy said...

-Pods- bad at defense
-Quentin- bad at defense
-Teahen- bad at everything
-Rios- see Teahen
-ARam- average to slightly above average at defense
-Konerko- perfectly adequate at defense at produced prositive defense but too special compared to his position and others who play his position
-Beckham- we'll see but was bad at defense last year and if he produces positive defense it won't be by that much
-Jayson Nix- amazing at defense

This team will be average at defense at best and no matter the talent the Sox will have in the rotation (which I love), an average defense and a team that doesn't walk or get on base will not win very many games. But I'm glad you Cubsfan think they're heading in the right direction

I personally don't care about the money because it's not my team but I love would for Bradley to be a DH for the Sox. A guy that won't have to play defense to hurt his numbers and will probably be closer to his 2008 campaign than his 2009