Best baseball suspension ever

I was wondering why Brandon Lyon had gotten the save for the Tigers the last 2 days and not their normal closer Fernando Rodney. I even picked up Lyon in my fantasy league for a chance to get a few cheap saves. Apparently Rodney was suspended for 3 games for endangering the lives of all 4 people who attended the Tampa Bay Rays game last week. Deadspin has video of the B.K. Kim type celebration that Rodney displayed.

It would have been worse for Rodney, as he could have been given 30 days in jail for throwing a fastball at some woman's head like Cubs minor leaguer Julio Castillo. Just one in a series of cases on athletes going bonkers on adrenaline and attaching the fans.

Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson didnt get any jail time for wailing on the wrong freakin fans. Just proves that it doesnt matter who you beat down, as long as someone gets beat down. So never throw beer at basketball players and never quirt water onto hockey players. They're not the most level headed people in the world.