Fill In The Blanks: The All Jewish Baseball Team

C-Brad Ausmus
2B-Ian Kinsler
3B-Kevin Youkilis
LF-Ryan Braun
CF-Gabe Kapler
RF-Gabe Gross
DH-Dave Newhan

SP-Jason Marquis
SP-Aaron Poreda
SP-Scott Feldman*
RP-Scott Schoenweiss
RP-Craig Breslow*
RP-Mike Koplove*
CL-John Grabow

The announcer will be Steve Stone and the team will be managed by Bob Melvin, Shawn Green will be the hitting coach and Sandy Koufax will be the pitching coach. It will be owned by Jerry Reinsdorf and the GM will be Theo Epstein.

*-denotes a later add to the post


The 'Bright' One said...

it's a lot easier to assemble the jewish front office than the ball club

Cubsfan4evr said...

LOL. That is tottaly true. Jewish Baseball players is a hobby of mine. There are several in the minor leagues and a few that have bounced back and forth. I think there are a few more still playing, mostly as relivers, but I will check my information tomorrow and let you know. For pitching coach you are forgetting the best in the game in Larry Rothschild.

Cubsfan4evr said...

You forgot the anchor of the rotation in Scott Feldman of the Texas rangers. This is his second year starting and he has been great. You also forgot Craig Breslow who is another lefty to add to the All Jewish bullpen who are all lefty. He was mentioned in the book I talked about Odd man Out that I recommend to all baseball fans. Craig Breslow is currently with the Oakland Athletics, but has been with several teams. His numbers are quite good in limited innings pitched. There is also Mike Koplove who was traded to the Mariners in August and I haven’t had time to follow him since. I don’t think he has done anything for them at the big league level though. There are also several players like a Adam Stern who I know was last in triple A for Baltimore and ex-Cub Adam Greenberg who 2 years or so was picked up by the Royals. I think both Stern and Greenberg washed up by now, but I am not sure.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

I left Rothschild off intentionally

Cubsfan4evr said...

You don't like Rothschild?