NASCAR Question

Sure, I don't think NASCAR is actually a sport, and it's not. But it's talked about on ESPN so I guess SOME people think it's a sport- although I don't know how sober they are.

Anyway, I was wondering, mainly to TBO because apparently he knows all, what's the difference between the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series? The points leaders and stuff all seem to be for the Sprint Cup Series, and if that's the case, why have the Nationwide Series at all?

Also, TBO, have you ever seen Stump the Schwab? I was watching a rerun of it today on ESPN classic and I think the Schawb would beat you (although he lost on a tie breaker in the episode I saw...)

Maybe this would have been a better email than blog post?.... Oh well


Cubsfan4evr said...

He is the most diverse sports fan on our blog.

The 'Bright' One said...

Nationwide series is basically the minor league for nascar. Although some sprint cup racers still race in the nationwide series on the side. The cars are a little different, more like go-carts, but you have to be even drunker to watch it.

Funny story. I went to a jew meeting for med students. There were 13 of us there, and 6 from stevenson. It came up that i know more about sports than anyone. Then some kid asked if i can beat the schwab. My answer is that i will challenge anyone IN MY AGE GROUP to a sports challenge. Schwab has like 30 years experience on me, wouldnt be fair

Sexy Rexy said...