Relax Chicago Fans...

Dear Chicago Bears fans,

One of my greatest worries is that you will turn on Jay Cutler. I can easily foresee that Jay struggles in is season debut, new team jitters or what have you. And then in his second game, when the Bears face the Pittsburgh Steelers, he just will flat out suck because let's face it, he'll be facing the best defense (and a well rested on at that). So if Jay Cutler sucks it up for two straight games, DO NOT boo him!

He is not Rex Grossman. He is not Kyle Orton. He is not ANY past Bears quarterback. He is better than all of them. So if Jay Cutler sucks for ANY period of time, just relax. It will be alright. I know you will be pissed at him, but let's not do anything to harm our franchise QB. OK.

So if and when Cutler starts to slide or whatever, just remember, we actually have a GOOD quarterback. Thank You.

Sexy Rexy


The 'Bright' One said...

what the fuck was that shit?!?!?!?!? Can the receivers run a fucking route correctly