TBO is 23

TBO turned 23 September 4th! Yeah

A happy birthday also goes out to Mike Piazza, Beyonce, and one of my med school classmates who has a shocking resemblance to Eva Mendez

The best birthday present I can receive is a Cubs world series. Obviously that is not possible this year on the account that the Cubs have gone down faster than Kate Winslet on the Titanic

But second best is the first Saturday of the college football season. College football has taken over as my second favorite sport, after the amazing 2007 season that made me live for Saturdays. There was nothing better than SEC football on ABC on a Saturday afternoon. The Illini magically made it to the Rose Bowl, which they obviously didn't deserve, but still an amazing experience.

Looking at the TV schedule for football today, I dont understand when or if I will leave the house tomorrow. So many good games, so much excitement, that I just want to get to bed so I can wake up sooner(Oklahoma Sonners that it, oh burn)

Here is the schedule on comcast cable in Chicago. I recommend you tune in to a couple games to get your college football mojo going for the season.

  • Navy v Ohio St - Navy will get raped, but I am dying to see if Pryor will become the second true sophomore to win a Heisman
  • Minnesota v Syracuse - 2 mediocre teams from mediocre conferences, but I want to see if the Orange have dug themselves out of a grave and Minnesota always has NFL talent, ie Marion Barber and Lawrence Maroney
  • Towson v Northwestern - I hear NW is going to be awful this year(damn I miss Damien Anderson and Zack Kustok) and I have no clue what Towson is. This may not get my complete attention if you know what I mean
  • Nevada v Notre Dame - People are saying ND can't possible win less than 10 games based on how easy the schedule is(they play nobody outside USC) and will probably go to the Championship game. Well they better win this game, and i'm not sold they will
  • Western Michigan v Michigan - If R-Rod doesn't win the opener against the hick school to the west, he may be more hated in Michigan than he is at West Virginia, which is saying a lot
  • Illinois v Missouri - I find it annoying that the Illini start every season against Missouri. There are a million teams out there, how about you mix it up a bit. With Daniels and Maclin gone, this should be a win for Zook. Although I will never support Juice playing QB. He's like Vick, but worse in every single way(especially raping and killing dogs)
  • Georgia v Oklahoma St. - Georgia is one of my fav 5. Losing Stafford and Massoquia hurts, though they dreadfully underachieved last year, so I'm looking forward to the new regime lead by Mike Green
  • San Jose St. v USC - This will be an attempted manslaughter, though I am curious how good Matt Barkley is. If you ask ESPN, he is the next Montana. If you ask California high school DB's, he's an interception machine(18int senior in HS)
  • BYU v Oklahoma - I love Bob Stoops. If I was a D1 prospect, I would play for Stoops. Can't wait to see what Bradford does this year with a healthy Murray and a young receiving core
  • Northern Illinois v Wisconsin - DME and Sexy Rexy are not at Northern, so I have a rooting interest(haven't decided if I'm for or against) and Wisconsin plays football like the people there live. Slow and hard
  • Western Carolina v Vanderbilt - It only takes a few players to put a school on the map. WCU produced Chris Johnson who's the fastest guy in the league, while Vandy has produced Jay Cutler
  • Alabama v Virginia Tech - Nick Saban showed that his dominance at LSU was no joke as his magic has struck twice in the SEC with Alabama. Dying to see the new talent on offense. VT always has freak athletes on offense, defense, and special teams. Hopefully the offense will flourish under Vick jr. Tyrod Taylor.
  • Maryland v California - This game is a must watch based solely on Jahvid Best. Monster year last putting up over 1800 all purpose yards and is an early Heisman candidate. I think he's the real deal for this year and the pros. Watch out!
  • LSU v Washington - LSU is always a must watch. Let's see if they have the QB spot figured out(thank you Ryan Perrilloux for single handedly ruining last football season). Jake Locker was drafted in the MLB draft, yet remains as the starting QB for the Huskies. Hopefully he can become a QB and show his true athleticism
  • Montana State v Michigan St. - A nice game to fall asleep to after a long day of football. Michigan St always puts up huge points with solid QB/RB talent.
In the words of Keith Jackson, ohhh nellie


Cubsfan4evr said...

I hope you want to celebrate your birthday a little bit! If you do want to get off the couch today let me know.

Sexy Rexy said...

Happy Birthday dude,

but don't you have med school hw and stuff to do?

Hey best of luck with everything though, and you were right about Juice today, fuck he pisses me off

The 'Bright' One said...

yeah, exam on tuesday. no time off at all

I still thought we would win. But the play calling was beyond bad.