ESPNews fail

I have ESPNews as background noise while studying for my final tonight, and some reject who was exiled to the forgotten ESPN channel committed and inexcusable blunder. Updating the Mets/Braves game, he noted that Fernando Tatis hit a grand slam, stating that it was the second of his career. How did this reject get hired by ESPN? Everyone on god's green earth knows the story of Tatis hitting 2 grand slams in the same inning off the same pitcher back in his roided Cardinals days. Hence, this would minimally be his 3rd career grand slam. Consider yourself lucky that I don't know your name, whoever it is you are ESPNews guy!

ESPNews just gave me the name of the reject. It's Ryan Burr. You're on my list!


Sexy Rexy said...

You know that GS was Tatis' second HR of the year. I think maybe you overheard something different than what Burr said with a maybe a little bit of a goof on Burr's part.

I'm sure Burr meant to say the GS was Tatis' second homer of the year and maybe he said it was Tatis' second GS of the year or something and you heard it was Tatis' second GS of his career.

But I'm actually going to go out on a limb and say Burr didn't actually say Tatis' grannny today was his second of his career and you heard something he said wrong- at least one thing

The 'Bright' One said...

are you questioning me?

I noticed that it was his 2nd homer of the year. The way it sounded was that he knew it was his second something, but didnt know exactly what, so ended up saying the second grand slam of his career. I feel like he knew he screwed up, but didnt bother to correct himself. Hence, all the 9 years olds watching will think that was tatis' 2nd granny and will never know of his amazing 2 granny in one inning game.

It happened as i describe it. Believe me

Sexy Rexy said...

I am questioning you son!

Especially when you say "I have ESPNews as background noise while studying for my final tonight"

I feel like you both messed up. Obviously I cant prove it or anything but it just seems because you weren't actually paying full attention to the TV that you easily just misheard something

David "MVP" Eckstein said...


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

For reference, here is the proof

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

*proof of the 2 GS game, not of TBO's interpretation of what was said

Sexy Rexy said...

What!? Who's doubting Tatis' 2 GS game- that's a fact! Don't be an idiot DME. I'm doubting what TBO heard.