Tony Kornheiser to leave MNF

News came today that Tony the Tiger was leaving Monday Night Football following 3 mediocre years as the "comic relief" of the broadcast booth. Kornheiser claimed that the decision stemmed from his fear of flying and unwillingness to ride around the country in the bus. Most likely he was simply fired from the position by ESPN as we all see that Tony doesnt have the humor nor knowledge to have any usefulness in the MNF booth. I tried to think of my most memorable Tony moment in his 3 years, and the only thing that comes to mind is the racial slur he had poking fun at the fact hispanics work at dry cleaners. I always thought it was the asians who had a monopoly on dry cleaning, so even that was butchered.

Not even the memorable Bears games on MNF stood out to me. I recall Korny gushing over Hester's 2 return touchdowns agaist the Rams, but showing your man crush on a football player doesnt exactly put you in the broadcasting HOF. I think it's pretty clear that the Kornheiser expirement was a bad idea, just like Dennis Miller was a bad idea, just like Eric Dickerson was a bad idea. Did anyone know OJ Simpson spent several years doing color commentary for MNF? Naked Gun and MNF...if only he didnt butcher his wife.

Despite the utter failure in the booth, Kornheiser will continue doing PTI, which is a college students best friend, and all will be restored to the universe.

Former Raiders and Bucs head coach Jon Gruden will take Kornheiser's seat in the booth. I have never heard Gruden analyze football, but considering this guy worked 20 hour days as a coach, i'm guessing he knows something about the game and will bring great insight to the position. He young, semi-hip, and very energetic/intense which is what the position needs. And if not, at least he's a better option than Matt Millen