Pitching insight from the immortal Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips was announcing the Mets/Braves game on the slow Monday baseball day. I don't really know what Steve's position is. There is the play-by-play guy, which i believe was Dan Shulman. There is the color analyst, which was Oral Hershieser if i'm not mistaken. And then there was Steve Phillips sitting in the corner, awkwardly chiming in random words wisdom from his many successful years in the baseball profession. It feels like ESPN is just trying to use Phillips in any capacity possible until his contract runs out. I equate it to the expiring contract of Larry Hughes and his simply sitting on the bench. Maybe ESPN can trade Phillips' expiring contract for perhaps Rob Dibble's expiring contract on fox sports.

Anyhoo, Phillips shared his theory as to why Johan Santana has had such low run support from the Mets in his 2 years in the big apple. It all comes down to "rhythm". As the Mets GM, he had noticed that some pitchers had a certain rhythm on the mound that would influence the course of the entire baseball and game and every individual on the field. Apparently, Santana is so good because he lulls the opponents to sleep, however the effect is also compounded on his own teammates. Hence, Santana may pitch 8 innings one run ball, but if the team doesnt score behind him the start is considered a failure.

Once again Steve Phillips proves that his eyes see things that your tiny little brains cannot. It's kinda like a sixth sense. If only Johan Santana has Sidney Ponson's rhythm, all the worlds problems would be solved.


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

This is why all team need to install firework launchers in the park; to wake up the mets after Johan Santana pitches in the top of the inning