Steve Phillips is making my ears bleed: part 2

My jaw just literally dropped from listening to what Steve Phillips just said while broadcasting the Mets/Reds game. I couldnt believe how he just kept going deeper and deeper into his imaginary universe. Luckily i'm tivoing the game so i can transcribe exactly what he said.

SP: Judgements are the most important factors in baseball. There's a system out there that rated Derek Jeter the worst SS in baseball. His range is much less than it was before, but i dont think he's the worst SS in baseball. There's a system that says Chase utley is the best 2B in baseball. I think he's good, but i dont think he;s the best 2B in baseball. He's good but he's no the best. Because the statistics dont match what my eye say, it makes me doubt the veracity of any of the numbers that are part of their system.

DS: So you chose your eyes over the stats.

SP: Yeah, i do. But scouts do. It's like reputation and defense dont always walk in sync with each other...There are certain players that are number accumulators they find themselves in situations to pick up that rbi up or down 3 runs

I dont think i need to FJM this crap. It's pretty self explanatory. Steve Phillips thinks that his eye is better at accumulating/condensing/rating the defensive capabilities of every baseball player in the entire league than an excel spreadsheet on a computer. He then contradicts himself by saying sometimes reputation leads people to believe things that are not true. Which obviously Phillips has done himself with Derek Jeter. He believes Jeter is awesome defensively cause of his reputation, fuck the statistics. What good have they every done for anyone.

Even if the 'eye' is better at judging players than spreadsheets, it definitely isn't Steve Phillip's 'eye' that should be doing the evaluating. Heck, he was the one who didn't 'see' that Mo Vaughn was 350 pounds when he decided to give him a garbage truck full for benjamins.

Also, who needs those guys that accumulate meaningless stats like home runs and rbi's. I'd rather have ronny cedeno who has one big grand slam against the phillies as opposed to the meaningless 110 rbi's Aramis Ramirez accumulated over the entire season. Boy does he suck!


David ''MVP'' Eckstein said...

This is by far the funniest, most important and most true set of statements ever uttered by man.

May a Pulitzer be bestowed upon thee.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

This is STILL the funniest post on the blog