GOI is on iTunes!

UPDATE: I checked iTunes today and all of the podcasts are available for free. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Right now, the only podcast available on iTunes is a demo I did just to made sure the website worked. I deleted that podcast from the site. Hopefully the podcasts on podbean will eventually get uploaded onto iTunes. But right now, for up to date podcasts visit the website.

First, the Twitter account, then the podcasting, and now iTunes! We're moving up in the world! While, granted all these things are done by me and no one is reading our Twitter account and no one is listening to our podcasts, hopefully things will change. Our podcasts that we have up on gameofinches.podbean.com, are now available via iTunes.

If you go to the iTunes store and type in "gameofinches", you can subscribe FOR FREE for our podcasts. Now that we have potential listeners, I promise we'll actually have better podcasts. Maybe.