Um Minnesota, Just Delete Boston's Number...

Just like owners in Fantasyland2 should stop trading with David "MVP" Eckstein (although I'm guilty because I just traded with him yesterday...), Minnesota should stop giving up their players to Boston. Over the history of sports many players either born in Minnesota or played on a Minnesota team have gone over to a Boston team and have been superstars. Here's some examples:

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves trade Kevin Garnett to Boston Celtics
In the off season before the 2008 NBA season, former great (and someone I'll mention a little later) Boston Celtic and then Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale traded away his star Kevin Garnett for essentially nothing. Garnett then helped the Celtics win the NBA title and helped the C's become the elite of the NBA while the Timberwolves are still hoping they're lottery picks will pay off

MLB: Boston Red Sox pick up Minnesota Twins' David Ortiz
Big Papi was the Twins DH and played for them between 1997-2002. Ortiz showed flashes off being good, but in in six season, he was either injured or sucked. But then Boston picked him up in 2003. Since then (with the exception of this year), Ortiz has been a powerhouse and a huge offensive force. Since playing in Boston, he's had a borderline Hall of Fame career, been known as Mr. Clutch (obviously not necessarily true), and has helped the Red Sox win two World Series

NFL: Former Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss plays for the New England Patriots
Yes, Moss actually went to the Oakland Raiders and just ran in circles for three years before getting traded to New England during the 2007 NFL Draft. But Moss was a great wide receiver for both the Vikings and Patriots- and not so much the Raiders. Randy Moss had been an offensive juggernaut for New England helping them go 16-0 (before losing in the Superbowl), help Matt Cassel become good, and has the most TDs for a WR in the past two years with 34- helped by his record setting 23 in 2007.

NFL: New England Patriots draft Minnesota's Laurence Maroney

While obviously in this instance Minnesota did not have a choice in the matter, this is just another example of a player from Minnesota thriving under the Boston headlights. And yes, I will give you the RB has had some injury problems of late, but he still is a damn good player that, if healthy, will be great in New England

MLB: Minnesota Twins trade Doug Mientkiewicz to Boston Red Sox

While Mientjkhdfweqgfhadbcwisz has not necessarily been the best player ever, he still was a great defensive 1B for Boston that helped them win the Wold Series in 2004. Boston wanted to be extra careful this time around that another easy ground ball wasn't misplayed.

NBA: Boston Celtics draft Minnesota's Kevin McHale

McHale, born and raised and played school in Minnesota, was drafted by the Boston Celtics 3rd overall in 1980. He helped the Celtics win three championships and was considered part of the original "Big Three" with Larry Bird and Robert Parish. Again, just like Maroney, Minnesota didn't really have any say in the matter, but just another case of Boston getting the best of what Minnesota has to offer

And speaking of Kevin McHale, he's a great example of the drek that Boston has given back to Minnesota. As mentioned earlier, McHale was the crappy GM in Minnesota and is now the crappy coach. Some other "great" examples: Red Sox Lew Ford, Celtics Mark Blount and Ricky David and Patriots and Boston native Jermaine Wiggins all went to play for Minnesota teams and sucked. Although, in all fairness, the Wild did screw over the Boston Bruins by giving them Brian Rolston. OHHHH!

So Minnesota, the next time Boston comes knocking at your door, don't be fooled by their quick talking and charming good looks and smile. Just slam the door in their face and shout "NO MORE!"