Home Schooling is a G-R-E-A-T idea


Blogs are notorious for being very critical and often times cruel to people in the sports realm, however younger athletes are usually given a reprieve due to their amateur status and common sense for that matter. There is one exception though...Every year ESPN hosts the national spelling bee which features kids from 5-8th grades competing for the ultimate prize - best speller ever!

This is a perfect display of what happens when you decide to home school your children. Obviously most of these nerds are home schooled, how else could someone memorize 500000 words from 10 different languages not including geographic sites and prescription drugs? Yes, public education is embarrassingly bad in this country and everyone wants their children to reach their full potential, but denying your children human interaction, big macs, and athletics only leads to bad things. You know that when those kids reach their late teens, they will ethier(inside joke) end up snorting meth or on girls gone wild, most likely both.

In reality this competition is extremely difficult. I'm sure everyone outside of Ken Jennings thinks half these words dont even exist, but there was one situation this year that really got my blood boiling. Some kid got the word Kalium, which means potassium in latin, actually in russian as well. It looks like an easy word, especially for the late rounds, but i didnt really care that he spell it right. But the first letter should have been a given. If he has ever seen a periodic table, which he has cause they said he has competed in science tournaments, he should know the one letter abbreviation for potassium is K. Who doesnt know this? Business majors know this!!! Of course, he spelled the word with a C. Cause he's a moron, once again i dont care that he's 12. Inexcusable. I just have one question for you. Do the chickens have large talons?


Sexy Rexy said...

This is what happens when kids are homeschooled, they are forced to show their personality during their only social interactions (competitions)and then become judges that don't watch movies or understand movie references