Neil Cotts, get off my team

Neil Cotts, the Cubs' LOOGY, is the worst pitcher I have ever had the displeasure to watch pitch. He's a lefty who can't get lefties out! So far this season, Cotts has faced 35 batters, but only retired 20 of them! In 6.2 IP, Cotts has walked 9 and given up 3 longballs (2.55 WHIP).

This is completely unacceptable. I don't give a shit what hand he writes his checks with. If we cut Viscaino, why won't we cut Cotts?

Futhermore, why couldn't the Cubs sign discounted lefties Joe Biemel, Jeremy Affeldt or Will Ohman during the offseason? Biemel and Ohman signed for peanuts. Also, fuck Jim Hendry for trading Michael Wuertz. I am so incredibly mad at this team right now...AHHHHH!