Andy Roddick is underacheiving? You cannot be serious

This is the guy who overdosed on crack at [insert your alma mater]universityAndy Roddick got kicked out of the US open with a 3rd round loss to the immortal John Isner. After a short rebirth at Wimbledon, taking Fed to 5 sets and beyond before finally going down in defeat. People had large expectations going into the US Open, the only major that Roddick has won back in 2003. Well dude did what he always does. Act like a baby, turn his cap backwards crooked, and bail out of a grand slam in the early rounds.

His fellow countrymen James Blake and Sam Querrey also got knocked out today(Blake is down 2 sets to none so i'll go out on a limb and say he's out). It would be fine for Roddick and all Americans to suck at tennis, expect for the huge press that follows them and artificially hypes them as the next great thing. Have anyone accomplished less for the notoriety they have received than Roddick. Dude is like 1-19 against Federer all-time. Not exactly the next Sampras, Aggasi, or Mcenroe. Marat Safin has 2 grandslams; as does Jevgeni Kafelnikov. Russians are better at tennis despite playing drunk half the time.

How about we all get off the Andy Roddick bandwaggon and wait until Lebron picks up a tennis racquet.


Anonymous said...

this is the stupidest post i've ever read in my life.

why don't u spend your time doing something productive. and not bashing people and their success.

apparently the americans are doing something the russians are not...nor will ever do. so why don't u write a blog about that :)