Breaking Down the NFC North

Here's my predictions for how I think one of the best divisions in the NFL will turn out

1) Aaron Rodgers (Packers)
2) Jay Cutler (Bears)
3) Brett Favre (Vikings)
4) Matthew Stafford (Lions)

Runnings Backs:
1) Adrian Peterson/ Chester Taylor (Vikings)
2) Kevin Smith (Lions)
3) Matt Forte/ Adrian Peterson (b/c I think Forte will miss at least 8 games) (Bears)
4) Ryan Grant (Packers)

Wide Receivers:
1) Greg Jennings/ Donald Driver (Packers)
2) Calvin Johnson/ Dennis Northcutt (Lions)
3) Bernard Berrian/ Sidney Rice (Vikings)
4) Devin Hester/ Earl Bennett (Bears)

Tight Ends:
1) Greg Olson (Bears)
2) Visanthe Shiancoe (Vikings)
3) Brandon Pettigrew (Lions)
4) Donald Lee (Packers)

Offensive Lines:
1) Vikings
2) Bears
3) Packers
4) Lions

Front Seven (Defense):
1) Vikings
2) Packers
3) Bears
4) Lions

Defensive Backs:
1) Packers
2) Bears
3) Vikings
4) Lions

Division Standings:
1) Minnesota Vikings
2) Green Bay Packers
3) Chicago Bears
4) Detroit Lions


Cubsfan4evr said...

I think some of your predictions are right on, but disagreed with some.
I agree with what you completely at quarterback, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, and most of the others. I disagree with you at running back, tight end, and the Division.
This is what I think at those positions:

Running Backs:
1) Adrian Peterson/ Chester Taylor (Vikings)
2) Matt Forte/ Adrian Peterson (Bears)
3) Ryan Grant (Packers)
4) Kevin Smith (Lions)

Tight Ends:
1) Greg Olson (Bears)
2) Donald Lee (Packers)
3) Visanthe Shiancoe (Vikings)
4) Brandon Pettigrew (Lions)

Division Standings:
1) Minnesota Vikings
2) Chicago Bears
3) Green Bay Packers
4) Detroit Lions

Sexy Rexy said...

Ryan Grant sucks. He had like the 4th most carries in the league and didn't do shit with them

Why do you hate Kevin Smith so much? Dude's awesome just stuck on a shitty ass team.

If Matt Forte stays healthy, yeah the Bears running game is #2. But I think because Jones isn't here to take the workload off of him, Forte's gonna look like Cadallac and just got worn out from touching the ball so much. Plus, he has a shit ton of carries as well and didn't do a whole lot. His value come from catching the ball out of the backfield which he's not gonna so much and is not related to the Bears ground game

Visanthe Shiancoe was like the 5th best TE last year in fantasy, and not that he has favre throwing to him, dude's gonna be SOOOO much better than Donald Lee