The Greatest NFC Playoff Run EVER!

How fortuitous that right after I do a brief NFC North post when I was bored, that I come across an SI article predicting every single division, how the playoffs will shake out, and the scores of those games. I wrote a post long long ago back in the day of GOI's origins about just how dumb magazines making predictions are, especially considering they are going to, for a fact, not even be close. Injuries will occur and teams we thought would finish in the cellar will rise to win their division and we'll all throw away all the predictions we had in the beginning of the year (except for the stupid "analysts" who will pick a team only because "they picked them at pre-season" instead of, you know, doing actual analysis and watch games and base teams off of that). And even though I have made meaningless NFL predictions, I fully admit I will be wrong.

But back to the SI article. They say the Bears will go 12-4, win their division, and get the #2 overall seed in the NFC. But the kicker, is that the Viking and Packers will get the 5th and 6th wild card spots, respectively.

This will make for the best NFC playoff run ever.

You see, for the Viking and Packers both win their first weeks while the Bears have a bye. Then the Bears will face the Vikings and beat them. THEN, in the NFC Championship game, the Bears will face the Packers, and of course punch their chesseheads in.

ANDwhileUNFORTUNATELYtheBEARSwillLOSEinTHEsuperbowlTOtheDOMINANTnewenglandPATRIOTS, according to Sports Illustrated, the Bears will have a monster NFC playoff run.

I hope SI is right because that would be AMAZING, but now I just read this article and laugh.