Chicago Cubs Milestones 2009

We have seen a few Chicago Cubs players achieve personal milestones in their career this season. I feel that they have gone under the radar so I wanted to point some out. Alfonso Soriano who was been having a very disappointing season achieved two milestones this season. He reached 1500 career hits on August 18th, 2009 against the Padres. Back on April 25th against the Cardinals he also reached 5000 career at-bats. Aramis Ramirez achieved 5000 carrer at-bats back on April 21st, 2009 against the Reds.

The Cubs have a few players who are approaching some baseball milestones in their career. Third basemen Aramis Ramirez has 1480 career hits and is only 20 hits away from 1500. He should be able to achieve this milestone by the end of the season if he stays healthy. Derek Lee is also approaching 6000 career at-bats. He currently has 5901 and can also reach that milestone this season.

There are some Milestones that we may see some Cubs players achieve next season. Derek Lee has 287 career homeruns. I doubt he will hit 13 more this season, but should be knocking on that door when the 2010 season starts. Aramis Ramirez currently has 930 career RBI’s and if he stays healthy should easily get to 1000 career RBI next season. Alfonso Soriano has 290 homeruns and will only need 10 more to get to 300. If he wasn’t shut down this season he could have possibly achieved it this season. Those are some Milestones on the North side of town we should see next season.


The 'Bright' One said...

No one has ever received a standing ovation for playing X number of games, unless you play 2161 straight, nor for career at-bats. Hence not milestones. Kinda like saying breathing for the billionth time is a milestone

Cubsfan4evr said...

Cal Ripken Jr. record was amazing because besides staying healthy he was always consistent and good not to go into any big slumps and need a day off. So having that many at-bats so something about a player.