My Cubs/Sox game experience 2009

Every year for the past consecutive four years I have gone to a Cubs/White Sox game at Wrigley field. I have also been to a few before this streak. It is a tradition for me to go to the game with my sister. We were supposed to go on July 16th and then it was rained out. The game we were supposed to go to was a night game. The Cubs made the makeup game during the day though on Thursday September 3rd, 2009. Because of this she couldn’t come with me to the game because she had work. Thus, I was able to take my girlfriend to her second Cubs game ever (second this year with me) and first Cubs Sox game. Before the game I was telling her how much fun it is and how the Cubs games against the White Sox and St. Louis have been the best games I have ever been to. When she asked why, I said it is hard to explain, but to wait and see. That it is because of the electricity and mood is like no other game. Well I was disappointed after the game last Thursday. The Cubs offense was flat and they couldn’t hit a minor leaguer making his 3rd career start, the bullpen faltered again, and Soriano dropped a fly ball because he was trying to hop before he caught the ball. Why is Soriano still doing the hop, even though his knew has been bothering him and limiting his mobility? It was not a special game like it usually it. The crowd was flat, the game was boring and unexciting like most I have been to this year, and for the third consecutive game I have been too they have lost. The crowd tells it all……………………………………………..this season is over. It is time to say “Wait until next year”.


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

The terminology is TANY (There's Always Next Year) and it's copyrighted by The Heckler