The Score Overnight

In 1997 The Score started having 24 hours of local sports talk with Les Grobstein being the host for overnights. He was on for 4 ½ years and then left in August of 2001 when The Score decided to have syndicated programming overnight. This is when they went with Sporting News Radio. Several months ago when Dan Patrick started his own program they decided to add The Dan Patrick Show and then to go to Sporting News Radio. A few months ago they decided to go back to local sports talk overnight. They brought Les Grobstein back to be the host for The Score overnight again. They still have their contract with The Dan Patrick Show so they still have to show it. They have stopped with The Sporting News. The Score likes the idea of having local sports talk at night and in the morning leading into the morning show. So Les Grobstein comes on at 10:00pm (when they used to go to syndication) and stays on to 1:00am. Then at 1:00am they show The Dan Patrick Show (Syndicated) to fulfill the contract. Then at 4:00am Les Grobstein comes back on. I don’t know when the contract with The Dan Patrick Show ends, but I assume they won’t renew it then and Les will be on all night.

I have started listing to The Score overnight with Les Grobstein recently and have enjoyed it very much! Les is defiantly a good fit for overnights. I don’t know if he would make it during the day though. That is because he doesn’t seem to have topics and he just goes with the flows. He also takes a lot of callers and allows them to dictate where the conversation goes. Les does a good job of recapping the sports which happened during the day. He is very knowledge and always able to provide all of the reasons for something happening. Les isn’t like some of the talk shows on The Score that try’s to create controversy. He just tells it as it is. I enjoy Les very much and recommended that you give him a try.


The 'Bright' One said...

I was probably listening to grobstein back in 1997. He is one of the few people who know sports better than me. Partly becausehe has no life, but mainly because he's much older. He is a serious sports fan and has collected infinite knowledge on all things sports over him lifetime.

I'm glad to see him back on the air. He is nothing like other hosts. His main objective isnt to entertain every listener, something the afternoon guys are required to do, he is just a info machine and wants to spread the knowledge to the few that want to listen. In this he reminds me of myself, and for that i respect the man. He has always been respected in chicago, even when he was left for dead, and now everyone in teh radio business is glad to have him back. So I too am excited

Cubsfan4evr said...

You should have wrote this post! You did a better job than me in explaining why he is so good.