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Cubsfan4ever once stated in one of our podcasts that he believes Andres Blanco is the best defensive player to ever play baseball. Move over Ozzie Smith, you've got nothing on Andres Blanco. Well, Andres Blaco pulled off one of the best defensive plays of the season. MLB doesn't allow you to share their videos, so just got to the link.


Cubsfan4evr said...

Thank you “The 'Bright' One” in posting the link to this video. I actually looked for it earlier briefly and couldn’t find it. I guess it wasn’t up yet. I was going to look for it tomorrow. As I said on those podcasts you mentioned he is one of the best defensive players I have ever seen. In spring training he played a lot and made several amazing plays. He has made many good plays in his limited playing time this season, but the play you mention in defiantly the best. It is plays like those that he makes look easy on why I say he is one of the best. I know other people disagree with me from looking at his defensive stats, but it is plays like that which says it all. Not many players could make the play he did on Sunday throwing from deep in the hole at Shortstop while on the ground with no momentum. Thank you again for posting this “The 'Bright' One”. I hope more people agree with me now.