The Actual All-Star Team

I'm expecting at least one argument from DME, but if the All-Star game was tomorrow and there wasn't the rule where a member from every team had to have a representative, here's how my team would look like:


C- V-Mart
1B- Kevin Youkilis
2B- Ian Kinsler
SS- Jason Bartlett
3B- Russel Branyan (yes, over Longoria)
OF- Jason Bay
OF- Adam Jones
OF- Carl Crawford

SP- Zach Grienke
SP- Justin Verlander
SP- Edwin Jackson
RP- Frank Fransisco
RP- Papelbon
RP- Matt Thorton (without my ChSox bias- Fernando Rodney)
P- Erik Bedard
P- Jered Weaver
P- Roy Halladay
P- Mark Buerhle


C- Pudge
1B- Pujols
2B- Chase Utley
3B- Ryan Zimmerman
SS- HanRam
OF- Raul Ibanez
OF- Carlos Beltran
OF- Brad Hawpe

SP- W-Rod
SP- Johan Santana
SP- Dan Haren
RP- Fransisco Cordero
RP- K-Rod
RP- Trevor Hoffman
P- Johnny Cueto
P- Tim Linececum
P- Javy Vazquez
P- The Buzzsaw


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

What the fuck? Pudge? Pudge?

It isnt 2003

Sexy Rexy said...

That position was THE hardest one to come out with.

It's gonna be really easy to convince me that someone else should represent the NL over Pudge.

I think my reasoning was that Pugde was #1 among NL catchers in OPS and was the #4 best catcher among HRs. I thought he had the highest wOBA also...

I just know now that I know Russell Martin is first in wOBA maybe I would put him ahead of Pudge.

Who would you pick? Pudge isn't having a bad year but whatever player you think is probably right

Sexy Rexy said...

you know I was sort of half serious about that Matt Thorton pick. He's #1 among AL reliever in K/9, 3rd in FIP, 5th in ERA, and top in the league in LOB%. HR/9, and K/BB